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Publishers Pushing to Meet Russert Book Demand

Random House and Hyperion Books are rushing to meet demand for Tim Russert’s two books, Wisdom of Our Fathers and Big Russ & Me. From Newsday:

Carol Schneider, executive director of publicity at Random House, reports that the company is immediately printing 100,000 paperbacks of “Wisdom” that began shipping yesterday [6/16/08].

Likewise, Hyperion Books has gone back to press for another 100,000 copies of “Big Russ,” according to Beth Gebhard, executive director of publicity.

Amazon’s listing for Wisdom says Kindle and paperback editions are currently in stock; Big Russ will be available through the online retailer on July 2.

Ebook companies and print-on-demand firms have in recent months used examples of limited print availability to showcase the strengths of their formats, but similar announcements haven’t emerged in this case.

(Via Shelf Awareness)

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  • bowerbird

    > immediately printing 100,000 paperbacks
    > of “Wisdom” that began shipping yesterday

    i guess the ones they shipped “yesterday”
    weren’t sent via “overnight”, or they would
    have gotten here today, which — even if you
    are starting printing “immediately” — would
    seem to be very speedy. :+)

    besides, how long does it take these days
    to print 100,000 books? one day? two?

    and then they’ll ship 10,000 to seattle,
    and another 10,000 to los angeles, and…

    why not just _print_ the 10,000 that will
    be shipped to seattle right _in_ seattle?

    and print another 10,000 in los angeles?

    seems like the publishing houses might be
    in cahoots with the transportation guys?

    that’s one of the ways they slip money out
    of the author’s pocket, eh?, by making the
    huge transportation expense part of their
    “normal cost of doing business” that they
    can subtract off the top from the authors?