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Random House Expands Ebook Offerings, Embraces EPUB

Random House is pursing digital with a vengeance, recognizing a growth market. From the Huffington Post:

The publisher already has more than 8,000 books in the electronic format and will have a digital library of nearly 15,000. The new round of e-books is expected to be completed within months; excerpts can be viewed online through the publisher’s Insight browsing service.

Also notable, Random will make all current and future ebooks available in EPUB format.

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  1. why is it “notable” that random house will be using epub?

    aren’t they in the i.d.p.f. — the publisher’s trade organization,
    much like the beloved r.i.a.a. that is the trade organization of
    the recording industry — which formulated the epub format?

    like o’reilly is a member of this very same trade organization?
    indeed, wasn’t an o’reilly employee just voted onto the _board_
    of this trade organization? (congratulations, i guess, to andrew.)

    why wouldn’t random house use their own organization’s format?

    so, will there be an astroturfing entry _every_ time one of the
    123 members of this trade organization issue a press release?

    will the various o’reilly blogs become the new incarnation of
    david rothman’s teleblawg and become constant floggers of
    open-reader, no make that dot-reader, no make that epub?


  2. oops!

    andrew came in _second_, and this election was just for
    _one_ open seat on the board of directors. so my bad…

    better luck next time, andrew. you’re #2, try harder! ;+)


  3. I thinks this is EPUB good only to download ebook