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The art of marrying content with mobile apps

Gurvinder Batra on KiwiTech's publishing-specific approach.


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Publishers are often approached by mobile app developers looking to help them distribute their content in new ways. Most of those developers aren’t all that familiar with the publishing industry and treat the results as just another app. KiwiTech is different. As founder and CTO Gurvinder Batra explains in this interview, KiwiTech uses its management team’s extensive publishing industry experience to craft a better solution.

Key points from the full video interview (below) include:

  • The KiwiTech founders are well versed in the publishing space — This is the same team that founded Aptara. That translates into them having a much better sense of the challenges of marrying content with mobile apps. [Discussed at the 00:33 mark.]
  • What’s the future of iOS versus Android? — The phones are a good predictor of the tablet’s future. So, while Android is overtaking iOS on phone market share, the large number of different handsets and configurations makes it particularly challenging for developers. Expect the same problem to arise with tablets. [Discussed at 6:22.]
  • Porting from iOS to Android is harder than it sounds — Many publishers think development costs for the second platform (e.g., Android) should cost about half of the development costs of the original one (e.g., iOS), but that logic is wrong. [Discussed at 7:45.]
  • Why choose native apps over EPUB? — While it’s tempting to go with a platform-independent solution like EPUB, you lose the ability to tap into many of the device’s core capabilities, such as sensors, for example. [Discussed at 15:43.]

You can view the entire interview in the following video.

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