Report: 300,000 Sony Readers Sold

The e-reader guessing game may be in its final stages. According to theBookseller, Sony confirms it has sold 300,000 Readers globally since 2006:

So far three million books have been downloaded from its online library, which is home to 57,000 titles. The electronics giant said it planned to grow its online library to 100,000 titles by the end of the year.

The Reader is available through a variety of channels, including U.K. retailers. The Kindle is currently sold only through Amazon to U.S.-based buyers.

Sony is prepping a wireless-enabled Reader to compete against the Kindle, but theBookseller says there’s no firm release date. The third-generation Reader — a faster model with more storage but no connectivity — was announced in October.

(Via Walt Shiel’s Twitter stream.)

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